Savings and Scholarship Info

There are great ways to save on tuition: (These discounts do not apply to mini sessions)

The 20/20 referral program: You can take $20 off your tuition for every new family you refer who registers and pays for a class. The new family will also receive a $20 discount!  A great way to find referrals is to post to your local groups 
online. Please contact me at with your referrals and I will have a special coupon made for you. If you refer a family after you have paid your full tuition, a credit will be given for a future session. 

The Spread the Word program: You can get $10 off for posting a flyer at your child's school, pediatrician or place of play. (You can hang as many flyers as you want for $10 off each!)  You can also place a sign in your yard for $50 off (with an additional $20 off for every session you keep the sign up!)  You can take $20 off each session you keep a Music Together® magnet on your car.  Contact me at for a coupon code and details.

Share your Thoughts-You can get $20 off for posting a review on facebook or by submitting a review for our website.  Contact me for details.   

 We also offer scholarships to families in need.  This opportunity is for families where Music Together a priority.  (please do not apply for a scholarship if you are paying full tuition for other early childhood classes) Just contact me at, tell me a little bit about your situation, whether you are down to one income or if  you are a single parent.   All families should have the opportunity to make Music Together!