Terms and Conditions

Policies, Terms and Conditions

Class size is limited to a minimum of six (6) children and a maximum of twelve (12) so register early to ensure class preference. There are two additional makeup/demo slots per class and infant siblings are not figured into the class size.

Full payment of tuition and registration fee is due at time of registration unless other arrangements have been made. Tuition assistance is available.

When a class is canceled by the center director, both the registration and tuition fees are refunded in full. If a family withdraws from class before the semester begins, full tuition will be refunded less a $15 registration fee. Neither tuition nor registration fees will be refunded for withdrawal after the first class. Refunds are not given due to changes in work or nap schedules or if the child no longer wants to attend class.

Two (2) makeup classes are allowed per semester, per child and must be made within the enrolled semester. Makeups may be scheduled at www.oldcolonymusictogether.com/makeups.aspx.

Classes are non-transferable, unless approved by the Director.

Classes may be canceled due to emergency/snow closings or holidays. If possible, canceled classes will be made up at the end of the semester or during a break. If there are more snow day makeups than weeks in between sessions, you may schedule additional makeups with the make up scheduler: www.oldcolonymusictogether.com/makeups.aspx.

Toys drinks and/or snacks are not permitted in class. Nursing and bottle feeding is ok. Feel free to take older children out of the class momentarily for a quick drink or snack if necessary.

I hereby authorize my child's participation in all class activities. I attest that my child is physically able to participate in class. I, as the parent, assume all risks normal to these activities and absolve all present and future liability in the event of accident or injury. In the event of accident or sudden illness, I authorize to arrange for medical care for my child if neither parent is available.

***Media Release***
I give permission for photographs, audio tape recordings and video recordings taken of my son/daughter(s) at Old Colony Music. Media may be used for publicity purposes. You may write to gwynethmarini@mac.com if you do not want your child photographed.

Year round membership enrollment is open from May 1st until September 15th of the year and it is not available during other times of the year. Families enrolled as yearly members get 20% off the full price of tuition.  Families enrolled in the year long membership are committing themselves to the fall, winter and spring sessions and also have the option to receive 20% off the summer session and the holiday session at 20% off.   If you choose not to include the summer and holiday sessions you are still welcome to enroll in those "extra" classes at regular price when enrollment comes up for those classes.  The year begins with the optional summer session, followed by the fall session, the optional holiday session, the winter session and the spring session.  For instance July of 2012 through June of 2013.  There is a cancelation fee of $100 and the discounts you received will need to be repaid if you cancel your membership mid year. Enrolling in the year long membership requires setting up a credit card to have monthly payments deducted on the first of the month for 12 months after a non-refundable deposit of $100. Exceptions can be made to this arrangement if using a credit card is not an option but another document will need to be signed. It is the family's responsibility to follow the directions on how to sign up for the year round membership. Please read them very carefully. Class times and days are not guaranteed. Sometimes classes need to canceled if there is a sudden change in teacher or class time, but we do our very best to be consistent. If you have a very limited schedule I would consider registering on a session by session basis. Year round members are registered in the same class for the entire year. You will not need to register again until May 1st of the following year.  Members are welcome to transfer to a different class, but a spot in that class is NOT guaranteed and may not be available due to being either fully enrolled or under enrolled. If you would like to transfer to a new class, you will need to register online choosing the pay later option or print out a registration form and mail it to OCMT, 141 Pleasant St. #7, Attleboro, MA 02703.  

I understand that this release is to be effective during all the terms and at all times that my child is enrolled at Old Colony Music.