Old Colony Music Together welcomes Blue Hills Music Together Canton Families!




“Looking forward to meeting you!” 

Spring 2012


Dear Music Together® Friends,


While I am sad to bid farewell to my highly esteemed friend and colleague Jill Malin

(although she is not going too far....), I am excited to “adopt” her classes and continue

the joyful musical traditions she has built in Canton over the last 14 years. Teaching in Canton will afford me the luxury of working a bit closer to home a few mornings a week while maintaining my part-time position at South Shore Conservatory as Director of Early Childhood Programs. I am also thrilled to be working with another cherished colleague, Gwyn Marini, who was one of my family's favorite Music Together teachers.  Music Together has been a big puzzle piece in my life for so many years, and that is because it is perhaps the best job in the world. And I mean that. I have learned so much and continue to learn about families, about music, and about what really makes us all tick. The energy that comes from making music in a community is transforming for everyone, especially me!


Warm Regards, 

Jennie Mulqueen


Jennie Mulqueen has been teaching Music Together for sixteen years - long enough to have cycled through several early childhood generations! Jennie has a B.M. from Northwestern University and a M.Ed. from Lesley University. Since 2007 she has worked at South Shore Conservatory in Hingham and Duxbury as the Director of Early Childhood Programs. Her other favorite musical endeavor is performing cabaret -

Jennie lives in Milton with her husband, Mac and two children, Sophie and Atticus.



Thanks Jennie!  I am delighted to welcome both Jennie and all the families at Blue Hills Music Together in Canton.   Both Jill Malin and Jennie Mulqueen have been my role models since I opened Old Colony Music Together in 2004.  Coming back home from living and teaching Music Together in the Philadelphia area just outside the 

heart of "Music Together Country", based in Princeton, NJ, I was heartened to meet such esteemed leaders providing the highest quality of Music Together in my home state!  Both Jennie and Jill have been very supportive neighboring directors and colleagues for the last 8 years as Old Colony Music Together has grown with their guidance and support and I am so thrilled to make this closer connection with them both.  I know that the families who have grown accustomed to Jill's amazing teaching will be relieved and excited to meet her fellow master teacher and Music Together leader, Jennie Mulqueen. And, lucky for me, since my locations in Rehoboth and Attleboro are so close to Jill's new home in Providence, Jill is going to do some teaching there, so Old Colony Music Together will have the honor of having both of these master teachers on staff!  



~Gwyn Marini

Director, Old Colony Music Together 


Registration Information

Registration for the summer and fall sessions will open on May 1st.  The class schedule will continue as it has been on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 and 10:30 throughout the year and Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 and 10:30 for the summer session.  Registration will continue to be offered through the mail by printing out the registration page and in class with payment by check as it has in the past, and families will now also be able to register online.  Families will also have the opportunity to participate in the discount programs offered at Old Colony Music Together.  There is a $10 off discount when families register for summer and/or fall before June 1st.  There are also many savings opportunities for families interested in helping spread the word about the program which can be found here.  Families are also invited to become year round members who commit to the full school year at a 20% discount.  You can find more information about year round membership here.  

Click here to see the summer and fall schedule.