Music Together® for Ages 3-6

Gwyneth Marini
West Bridgewater Keeping Pace (map and directions)
Saturday, 11:30 AM
09/16/17 - 11/18/17 (10 weeks)

This class is an extension of our younger mixed age Music Together class. They are similar in that they are mixed aged which is ideal as children can be at different stages of musical development regardless of their age. Younger children gain from the modeling of older children, while older children feel pride in being the example. The other similarity is that parents and caregivers continue to participate as they are still the strongest model for their child and will be able to continue this modeling throughout the week at home with the take home materials. There will also be some differences. There will be more opportunities for child directed activities. Children will be encouraged to lead the class in new words and movements for songs. They will also be able to lead the class in rhythm patterns and other independent singing activities. We will play games and other engaging activities that are specifically designed for older children. Younger siblings over the age of 9 months will not be able to attend the class as the activities will not always be appropriate for them. This class is now an optional drop off program! We love to see parent involvement, but realize it can be difficult. Please continue to sing and music with your child at home if you can not join us in class :)

Upcoming Meetings
10/28/17    11:30 AM Saturday 10/28/17 11:30 AM
11/04/17    11:30 AM Saturday 11/04/17 11:30 AM
11/11/17    11:30 AM Saturday 11/11/17 11:30 AM
11/18/17    11:30 AM Saturday 11/18/17 11:30 AM